Towing spares and services in Poole / Bournemouth, Dorset
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Towing t&c

Towing information, terms and conditions

PooleTowing has considerable experience of towing a variety of loads and a 100% satisfaction / success record. There’s plenty that could go wrong but the utmost care is taken to ensure that it does not, such as:

- an inspection of the load to be towed before the journey, checking brakes, bearings and structure
- making sure that everything is tied down and nothing can fall off.
- VERY gentle driving leaving plenty of space for gentle braking.
- Sensitivity to the stability of the load
- Regular stops and checks on longer journeys
- Carrying spare bearings and other parts
- Regular servicing and checking of the towing vehicle

It is also important to be clear on the responsibilities if in the highly unlikely event, anything should go wrong.

- The insurance of PooleTowing covers third party only claims resulting from any damage caused by the load. It is up to the owner of the load to provide insurance for the load (and trailer if the load is on one) for replacement / repair in the event of any damage / accident / loss however caused.

- In the event of any failure of the load / trailer (wheels, bearings, structure etc.) every attempt will be made by PooleTowing to make repairs and continue the journey but any repair costs must be fully paid at delivery. If a repair is not possible Poole Towing will do the best it can to assist but if nothing can be done it will be the owner’s responsibility to arrange recovery / security and the agreed fee will be payable in proportion to the distance travelled.

- In the unlikely event of breakdown of the towing vehicle the load will be delivered by some means at the cost of PooleTowing or the owner may make their own arrangements and PooleTowing will cancel the fee, but no liability will be accepted for any delays.

These points understood and accepted PooleTowing looks forward to providing a professional towing service to you.

More info:
Towing vehicle: Landrover Discovery V8
Towing capacity: 3500Kg gross (trailer and load)

Max length: (excluding coupling and drawbar): 7.0m.
Max width (trailer): 2.55m
Max width (load): 2.9m

Standard 50mm ball, mechanical overrun brakes (no activation from vehicle)